Bill Mallia is a tropical/folk/rock Christian beach music artist.Live

For better or worse, the simple fact is that Bill Mallia is a tropical/folk/rock Christian beach music artist.  As a result, most of his music is consumed "Live" and not on recorded file.  Right now, there are plans to produce a new album but, in the meantime here's what's online.


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"South" - Single Mp3

South - Single - Bill MalliaThis song was written on Anna Maria Island, Florida by Bill Mallia. "I always get folks asking me about the 'Sporting a tan on the body of Christ' line as if it had some cryptic meaning. It's actually pretty simple. We are the body of Christ according to the Bible. There are quite a few people out there allowing their sin to tarnish that body. My thought is, through God, we should strive to make the body of Christ as beautiful as it actually is - hence the line!" - Bill Mallia

Eric Copeland in association with Indieheaven's Keith Mohr
Sunset Boulevard Studio, Nashville/Brentwood, TN

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"Almost There" - Single Mp3

This was a small New England studio take of a song that was written on Martha’s Vineyard back in July 2006. It is available as a digital download through a number of sites including iTunes, Amazon, Napster and many others.

Abraham's Closet Recording Studio
Currently Not Available For Sale


"Barefeet First" - Live Album - CD

Bill's first album was a live take grabbed with his occasional backup group, "the Gulf Stream Band". Over the years it's become known as the unofficial bootleg album and it captures a number of favorites, all complete with their ragged, live edge, intact. Here's the line-up:

Passport ~ Truth ~ It’s Alright ~ Post Cards To Paradise ~ I Want You ~ Almost There ~ Out Of This World ~ Floribbean ~ South! ~ Somebody Pinch Me

Recorded by Clear Line Audio
Currently Not Available For Sale